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Research and experience show that family engagement is critical in closing the achievement gap. Families who feel valued are more engaged. As you start the school year, here are a few tried and true ideas from teachers who have made their families feel valued:

  1. one Post “welcome families” on your door in the different languages represented in your classroom. Many families say when they see “welcome” or “welcome families” posted in their home language they feel valued.
  2. two Within the first month of school, make a positive phone call to every family. Just call to say you enjoy having their child in your room. Did you know that 59% of public school families surveyed in 2012 said they never received a call from their child’s teacher? Most families say they never hear from the school unless something is wrong. This small investment makes a HUGE payoff in goodwill.
  3. three At the first parent conference, ask the family what dreams and goals they have for their child. What can they tell you about their child? There will be plenty of time to discuss what the child needs in later conferences. Use the first one to build that relationship, build that trust.

What do Experts Have to Say?

In Working with Diverse Families, Irasema Gonzalez explains ways to make families feel valued.

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