We’ve been tweaking some of the ways you access ReadyRosie data based on feedback and ideas that many of you have provided. Fall is a good time to check in on your ReadyRosie data to see how schools and teachers are doing to meet the ReadyRosie goals of your program. Take a look at this brief video walking you through how to check your data, what to look for, and suggestions on what to do next:

Here are some things you can do this time of year to make sure you are on target to meet your ReadyRosie goals:

Set a goal for schools and teachers to get all families invited

It takes about 15-20 minutes for a teacher to get 20 families invited to join ReadyRosie. Set a clear date on when all families should be invited and follow-up by using your data dashboard to track enrollment by school and teacher.

Learn from who is doing it the best

You can assess from the list of schools and teachers where some best practices are happening around your school district. Celebrate schools and teachers who are doing a great job and help others learn from them on best practices.

Integrate ReadyRosie into existing familiy engagement activities

You are already doing many things to engage your families on a daily basis. Integrating ReadyRosie into your existing family touchpoints is a great way to make it a regular part of learning in your schools. Here are some tips and ideas.

Does your team need more training and support?

From helpful guides and recorded training videos to weekly live webinars and our ReadyRosie support team, we have plenty of opportunities to get your team a refresher or training for the first time. See all the opportunities