ReadyRosie is helping schools across the nation meet the goals and requirements of several Federal funding sources. Here’s a rundown:

Title I

The vast majority of ReadyRosie partners use Title I to provide family engagement resources for their school district. Learn more about how ReadyRosie can help you meet your Title I goals and hear how this Federal Programs Director is creatively using ReadyRosie to meet the ESSA Family Engagement requirements.

Title II, Part A

ReadyRosie offers a number of Professional Development modules for PreK and Elementary that will help as you are “Building Systems of Support for Excellent Teaching and Leading.”

Title III

A growing number of ReadyRosie partners, including Tulsa Public Schools and Metro Nashville Public Schools, are using Title III funds to meet the Parental Involvement goals and requirements of Title III funding for English learners and immigrant student programs.

Title IV, Part A

The US Congress recently passed a new ESSA budget that includes $1.1 billion in funding for technology initiatives for school districts. Because ReadyRosie provides educators with a technological platform that fosters personalized learning, addresses readiness shortfalls, and provides content and access for underserved populations, school districts are now looking at these funds to support ReadyRosie access in their school districts.