What great leaders are you studying with your students right now? Present the main accomplishments of these historical figures, but also invite your children to think about how these men and women started off as ordinary people who took a stand. They spoke up. We could say they had superpowers: empathy, kindness, helping others, listening. These characteristics led them to take action.

In the Modeled Moment, Super Kindness this family shows how we can pair our greatest attributes with action. Are your children good listeners? Good friends? Peacemakers? We can develop their ability to see those strengths as superpowers capable of changing the world.

Teachers, each of you has superpowers as well! For many children, your smile, your kind words, your listening ear is the only positive in their day. Your influence can linger for years, even a lifetime, for the kids in your class.

During the month take time to read some of the books shared on Edutopia’s blog about children taking action and helping out.

Consider how your students might continue this conversation with their families. Show the video Family Poem. For home learning this week, ask your students to write a poem with their families describing their superpowers and what is important to them.