What have we heard from educators about extending learning when school is out?

Here are three ways educators are using playlists as a bridge between the classroom and home.

Nina Blackner

Nina Blackner is a Family Engagement Coordinator at the Frederick YMCA Head Start in Maryland and has been using ReadyRosie for several years now. Nina shared a playlist that was created before a snow storm last year and said, “It’s so important for families to understand that learning happens all the time. They are their child’s first teachers and have so much knowledge to share with their child. Together, we can be great partners in their child’s educational journey.”

Playlist Title: Snowy Day Activities

Modeled Moments

  • Magazine Number Hunt
  • I Spy a Coin
  • Point the ABC Song
  • Alphabet Clapping
  • Counting Signs

Tiffany Palmer

Tiffany Palmer is a classroom educator at Cross Oaks Elementary in Denton, TX and shared with us: “My students are learning about all the attributes of shapes and what 2D shapes can be found in 3D shapes. This is my first target specific playlist and I hope it helps with parents understanding what we are doing and get involved.” What’s the right season for honing in on the specific learning happening in the classroom? Any season! We love how Tiffany is providing students with an opportunity to first become familiar with the concepts in a classroom setting and then take those concepts and confidence to the next level by exploring them in a different setting.

Playlist Title: Shapes

Modeled Moments

  • Ways to Cut a Sandwich
  • Pantry Sort
  • Shape Changers
  • Shaving Cream Shapes
  • Is it a Triangle?
  • Shape Scavenger Hunt

Charmaine Tomlinson

Charmaine is a Family Service Worker at Porter-Leath in Memphis, TN. She chose to use the ready-made playlist created by the ReadyRosie team with activities for all ages, sharing, “I have Pre K students with siblings and I thought all ages would be great for the family. I want to get everybody involved in learning and helping children succeed in their accomplishments.” Charmaine was so excited about the Holiday Learning cover letter that she shared in the webinar that she would be creating her own version for Thanksgiving break in addition to sending the winter break themed tool home. Our team at ReadyRosie loved the suggestion and passed the idea to create different seasonal versions along to our design team. Thanks Charmaine! And stay tuned for additional cover letters!

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