Most early childhood programs devote time and resources each spring to hosting enrollment, registration, and intake events. There is so much to do and think about at these events from advertising to staffing to logistics. These events are probably often not reflected upon, they are just something we have to do to get children into our programs. However, registration events may deserve a second glance, because for most families and children, these events are the very first interaction they have with your school or program. Registration is often the first impression, the first step, in our school/family partnership.

As we think about all of the state and federally mandated information we need to get from families at these events—immunization records, proof of residence, etc., what if we also thought about what we could give to families?

During and after school registration, families may have questions like: “What should I be doing over the next few months to get my child ready to start preK in the fall?” or “What skills does my child need to be successful?”

This spring, consider giving your families a gift that would help answer those questions and more as they transition to the new experience of school. ReadyRosie provides families with a tool they can use immediately to learn ways they can support their child’s development. The accessible content is available for families year round and 24/7 so they can have supportive and bonding interactions with their children all summer long.

Give your families the gift of Readiness by giving them the gift of ReadyRosie. Learn more and see how to download a free ReadyRosie school readiness workshop here.