Now is the time to start making plans to launch ReadyRosie again for a new school year. Here’s a helpful checklist of things to do and think about to get everything ready for the Fall:

Action Step Resources
Set goals for implementing ReadyRosie for a new school year. Think through your plans for launching with your educators, families, and schools. You can find some great questions to guide your goal-setting on our ReadyRosie Action Plan site.
Get access for all your educators District and school admins now have the ability to add new teachers! This feature is best if you have a few new teachers to add or you need to add an existing teacher to a different school. If you have a large upload or need a new school created, here’s a spreadsheet template you can use to let us know who all needs access and send it to us using this link.
What to do with old classrooms Don’t delete: ARCHIVE. To preserve your cumulative data, we ask that teachers don’t delete their classrooms. Instead, allow the classrooms to be archived and start fresh adding new families for the new year. If you are unsure of your archive date, contact your Partner Success Manager.
Training and Professional Development for your team Each week, we are hosting our “Implementing ReadyRosie with Fidelity and Success” webinar. You can encourage your teachers to sign up for one here. Of course, we always have our recorded training available that can be accessed at any time. Many of our partners are taking it a step further and investing in live Professional Development with one of our expert trainers. Speak with your Partner Success Manager to discuss training options for the new school year. If you subscribe to myTS PD Teacher Membership, you have access to the "Getting to Know ReadyRosie" PD Learning Module there.
Make plans to launch with your families The beginning of the school year provides many opportunities to introduce ReadyRosie to families, set goals for how you want them to use it, and get your families registered. Here are all the resources to help you share the word about ReadyRosie with your families.
Have you considered bulk rostering your families? If you have rosters that contain your student names, their classroom assignments, and their parent email and cell phone, we have a way to save your team some steps in the initial class rostering and invite process. Here’s an overview of how it works and what we would need from you.

Let us know how we can help get you launched for a new school year. If you haven’t yet been in touch with your Partner Success Manager about this, email us and we’ll set up a call.