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Echo Game

What is being taught through this activity:

        • Foundational literacy skills: Phonemic Awareness
        • Essential life skills: Focus

From the Experts: Teddi Fulenwider – What is Phonemic Awareness?


adjust for an older child

After playing the echo game in which the adult initiates the words, allow the child to initiate the words. They will say the word and slowly articulate the phonemes (individual sounds) in the words, and then the adult will blend the sounds together. It will be fun and playful if the adult and child take turns initiating words and segmenting sounds.

adjust for a younger child

To develop word and sound awareness have the child practice repeating or echoing the word after you. First say the word in regular speech; then say the word slowly. If possible allow the child to watch your mouth as you say the word so that they can see your mouth position. Very young children (ages 12-18 months) may even reach and touch your mouth as you say the word.

extending this activity

  • Read a book with your child with simple words, like Go, Dog, Go! by P.D. Eastman. As you are reading, select a word and say the individual sounds in that word and then let your child “read” the word by blending the sounds together.
  • Play another sound game by placing objects behind your back. Allow your child to guess the object behind your back as you say the individual sounds of the word.
  • Read “Happy Birthday Moon” by Frank Asch. Talk about what an echo is and play with the concept of an echo.
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Echo Game