One of our favorite Early Childhood thinkers, Chip Donahue (Dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education and Director of the TEC Center at Erikson Institute), just released his new book. It is a collection of essays from expert “media mentors” and early childhood educators, entitled: Family Engagement in the Digital Age: Early Childhood Educators as Digital Mentors. ReadyRosie is proud to be included as a Spotlight on Engagement Profile (pg. 181). It highlights our work next to the amazing work of some of our partner organizations such as Comienza en Casa of Millbridge, Maine, Raising a Reader, HITN, and others!

ReadyRosie is honored to be included in such well thought-out commentary on the big ideas that we think about on a daily basis as we attempt to engage families and educators in the digital age. Ideas such as: How do we ensure that we see family engagement as building capacity in families AND educators? __How can technology scale these efforts while enhancing time-tested relational strategies? __What are strategies that work for ALL families, ALL languages and ALL cultures? __What are strategies that bring the funds of knowledge that all families possess into classroom experiences?

This book features other leading experts in the fields of early childhood, family engagement, and digital literacy such as Lisa Guernsey, Karen Nemeth, Michael Levine, Amaya Garcia, Fran Simon, Heather Weiss, and many others! ReadyRosie encourages all our school, library, and community partners to check out this book so as to think deeply about these issues in the new age of technology and heightened awareness of the imperative role of families in closing the opportunity gap.

You can purchase your copy here!

Thank you, Chip! We appreciate your great contribution!