Getting Your Families Connected to ReadyRosie Is Easy!

Those with “Teacher” access create classrooms and invite families to join by text or email

We also have a Bulk Rostering Option that takes student and caregiver data from your student information system. Ready more about bulk uploads here.

Getting access for your team — three types of educator access


teacher dashboard

admin dashboard

Access to data for all teachers and caregivers at a particular school

District administrators

admin dashboard

Access to data for all schools using ReadyRosie in your program

Here’s a spreadsheet template you can use to let us know who all needs access and send it to us at

For more information the different levels of access and how to fill out the spreadsheet go here.

Training for your team

Overview of admin dashboard

You will have access to a dashboard that will help you track your implementation and progress toward your goals.

Overview of Key Data Points

admin dashboard

View data by school, teachers, classrooms, and families

admin dashboard

See how your family engagement connects back to learning

school dashboard

Overview of resources

You and your team have access to an extensive set of resources where you can find all the tools you need to get started, implement ReadyRosie with fidelity, and integrate ReadyRosie into your family engagement strategy, including: