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Deslizar, girar y voltear

What is being taught through this activity:

        • Foundational literacy skills: Geometry
        • Essential life skills: Independence

From the Experts: Dinah Chancellor – “Beginning Geometry”


adjust for an older child

While playing the game, the teacher/parent can transition the car two ways (example flip the car and turn it). The child then guesses the two transitions the car made.

adjust for a younger child

Model the flip, slide and turn at a park. Slide down a slide, flip on monkey bars, turn on a tire swing, etc.

extending this activity

  • Parent or teacher closes their eyes while the child flip, rotates or slides the car. Parent/teacher then guesses the transition.
  • Read The Wheels on the Racecar by Alexander Zane. Although the words rotate, flip, and slide are not in the book, create your own verse to the song that includes these words, like “The Wheels on the Racecar slide to a stop…”
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Deslizar, girar y voltear