A Summer-Learning toolkit by:

Designed specifically for the needs of Summer 2020

Early childhood is a unique time in which interactions with adults and caregivers play a central role in developing language and social emotional health in young children.

Therefore, we have built a Summer Learning experience that is meant to empower families and elevate their role in school readiness by providing resources that are accessible, nurturing, and encourage bonding.

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parent and child bonding


  • Digital and printable
  • English and Spanish
  • Mobile and desktop


Respectful of families' time and unique situations.

Whole-Child Experiences

Encourages bonding and security in a stressful time.

Empowering schools and programs

Elevate summer learning by building capacity in families!

  • Facilitate a ready-made Summer Learning Family Workshop via your preferred web platform.
  • Build capacity in families with Research & Answers videos on topics like screen time, challenging behaviors, and supporting social and emotional development.
  • Provide families a path to share their challenges and successes.

Reinforce and restore key learning interactions.

  • Share Modeled Moments linked to the Creative Curriculum Intentional Teaching Experiences and Classroom Studies.
  • Learn from Teaching Strategies curriculum writers how to extend Classroom Studies into the home.
  • Encourage children to take more ownership of their summer learning journey via a printable game board.

Gather qualitative and quantitative data around summer learning experiences.

  • Provide evidence of impact on child and family outcomes by inviting families to share their goals for summer learning.
  • Collect qualitative insight into individual family's home learning experiences as they share comments after trying the activities with their children.
  • Track program-level and individual user data by engagement tied to learning and family outcomes.

Transition back to school!

  • Facilitate ReadyPreK and ReadyK family workshops via your preferred web platform or in-person.
  • Start the year off with complete alignment with Beginning the Year playlists co-authored by the authors of Creative Curriculum "The First Six Weeks."

Summer Soar Family Backpack

Give preschool families in your community the gift of summer learning with a backpack full of learning tools to help families build their capacity to support their children's learning and development while strengthening their family bond. These bags are easy to distribute and ready to be shared before summer starts to help children thrive at home! All materials are available in English and Spanish.

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