Your school district or community has adopted ReadyRosie to equip, engage, and inspire your parents with the tools and resources to unlock the potential in their kids. ReadyRosie uses videos and real families to model interactions and activities in everyday situations with the goal of changing behavior and filling our students’ homes with language and learning.

Here’s a great overview of ReadyRosie and how you can start implementing it with your families:


Registration Page – this is where your parents go to get signed-up (unless your district has automatically registered them – check with your administrator if you are unsure)

Awareness Materials – ready-to-print parent letters, flyers, and stickers designed to help you get the word out and keep ReadyRosie on the minds of your parents

Parent Intro Videos in English and Spanish – great to use when introducing families to ReadyRosie


SIGN YOURSELF UP! If you haven’t yet, make sure you sign yourself up to get ReadyRosie every day and download the mobile app for Android or iOS. This way, you know what your parents are seeing and will be able to see new possibilities of integrating ReadyRosie content in your classroom. Use your school’s zip code when registering.

SEE HOW THE VIDEOS ALIGN TO YOUR STANDARDS – Download these documents that list the videos in the order your parents will receive them along with the featured vocabulary, skill, and alignment to standards. Available for Common CoreTexas Guidelines and Pennsylvania Guidelines.

READ UP on these 5 Ways to Deepen the Impact of ReadyRosie in the Classroomparent night

UTILIZE PARENT/TEACHER NIGHTS and CONFERENCES to talk with parents about their experience with ReadyRosie. If they hear from you that it is important, they are more likely to utilize the resource!

PLANNING A PARENT MATH OR LITERACY NIGHT? Download this document we put together to help use ReadyRosie videos as part of the discussion. We group the videos by targeted skill and provide a quick link to each video to make it easy to use.

ASSIGN READYROSIE AS “HOMEWORK” – get creative about how you can encourage parents to watch ReadyRosie on a regular basis. As an example, here’s a sheet one school sent home before Winter Break to encourage and log ReadyRosie usage over the break (English and Spanish). It was such a hit that we created something similar for Spring Break (English and Spanish).

RR and kidsSHOW READYROSIE VIDEOS TO THE KIDS – some schools have started showing the videos to kids as they arrive for the school day or wait for their bus. They then want to go home and encourage mom or dad to pull it up on their phone.

REWARD FAMILIES WHO HAVE 4 or 5 STAR USAGE RATINGS – your administrator has access to usage data and you can create incentives and rewards for families who are consistently taking advantage of this great resource.

WHAT IDEAS or QUESTIONS DO YOU HAVE? Let us know if you have any questions. We’d also love to hear how you are using ReadyRosie with your students and families. Send us an email at