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Dino Dig

Be an archaeologist! Bury small toys in the sand and have your child dig to find them. Then sort, graph, and compare the toys found.

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Extending this activity

  • -Repeat the process again. This time bury a different combination of the three toys. Allow the child to create the graph on his or her own and ask questions about the graph. "Do any of the toys have the same number?"

    -Read "Getting Dressed with Lily and Milo" by Pauline Oud. Choose different items for Lily and Milo to wear and talk through the different combinations that would be possible.

Adjust for an older child

For the older child, bury three types of toys- up to 15 total items. For example you could bury seven lizards, three dinosaurs, and five cars. After graphing, ask questions such as "Which toy do we have the most of? Least? How many more lizards did we find than cars?"

Adjust for a younger child

Younger children may have a hard time focusing on the graph while still in the sandbox. Take the treasures inside and create your graph. Count and talk with your child about how many of each toy you discovered.

What is being taught through this activity

  • Foundational Literacy/Math Skills: Data Analysis and Probability

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2 thoughts on “Dino Dig

  1. While digging the child said, “Found the orange lizard” She could of acknowledged what he said and responded with; Yes, you are right, you found the orange lizard, how many orange lizards did you find? There are so many ways to keep going with dialog when playing with your child 🙂

  2. Great point! This video is just an example of one family’s interaction around this content but we agree that there are so many ways to extend and enrich the dialog. We love seeing home videos from our users showing how they have made it their own. Feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag us @readyrosie!

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