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If You’re Happy & You Know It

Sing "If You're Happy and You Know It," substituting different feelings for “happy.” Ask your child what he does when he feels that way.

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Extending this activity

  • -Read Glad Monster, Sad Monster by Ed Emberley and talk about the different emotions that the monsters express.

    -As you read any fictional picture book, encourage your child to use the illustrations to infer the feelings of the characters. When you read the text on the page, check to see if her predictions were correct.

Adjust for an older child

Reverse the game by providing the facial expression and asking the child to come up with a sentence that would represent that emotion.

Adjust for a younger child

Ask the child to show you different types of faces (sad, happy, scared, angry, etc.).

What is being taught through this activity

  • Foundational Literacy/Math Skills: Listening/Directions

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