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Letras flojas

Usando letras magnéticas, forme una palabra simple como “gato.” Muéstrele a su hijo cómo puede cambiar una letra para hacer nuevas palabras como “pato” o “dato.”

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Extendiendo esta actividad

  • -In the bathroom, use a dry-erase marker to practice substituting letters to create new words written on the counter or the mirror.

    -Read "A Frog in the Bog" by Karma Wilson. Point out the words that are created by substituting just one or two letters like frog, bog, log.

Ajuste para un niño mayor

Invite the older child to create new words by changing the ending letter. For example, change cat to cap or can.

Ajuste para un niño menor

A solid understanding of rhyming will support the younger child’s progress toward being able to change letters to make new words in a word family. Focus on one rime ending like –at or –og and orally play with adding different beginning sounds to make words, real and nonsense.

Lo que se enseña por medio de esta actividad

  • Foundational Literacy/Math Skills: Leer las palabras

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