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Leyendo con los Pollitos

Escriba una canción de cuna conocida en una hoja de papel. Invite a su hijo a que “lea” la canción con usted mientras usted apunta a cada palabra conforme la va diciendo.

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Extendiendo esta actividad

  • -Read Sally Mavor's illustrated version of Jack and Jill and model pointing to the words as you chant the familiar rhyme.

    -Write down other familiar rhymes or songs that your child knows such as the 'Happy Birthday' song. The familiarity of the spoken words will allow the child to practice reading with one-to-one correspondence using the written text.

Ajuste para un niño mayor

Have the older child 'read' the poem in the book. The print is smaller, thus the child will either use his finger or a pencil to point at each word.

Ajuste para un niño menor

Allow the child to sit in your lap and 'read' the nursery rhyme with you as you say the words.

Lo que se enseña por medio de esta actividad

  • Foundational Literacy/Math Skills: Leer las palabras

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