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My Age

Stretch your child's brain today with a number pattern. Say, "When I'm 5, my brother will be 3. When I'm 6, my brother will be 4."

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Extending this activity

  • -Children love talking about their birthdays and reading stories about parties. Read the book “How do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?” by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague.

    -Make a graph depicting the age growth pattern comparing the child and a sibling (or cousin, friend, etc).

Adjust for an older child

Include a third child in the counting pattern (sibling, cousin, or friend). For example, “When I’m six, my cousin will be eight, and my brother will be three.” It may be necessary to write down the pattern to prevent confusion.

Adjust for a younger child

Help the child determine how many years it will take for her to turn ten by counting on your fingers. Take opportunities to count beginning at numbers other than one.

What is being taught through this activity

  • Foundational Literacy/Math Skills: Number and Operations

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