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Hold up three fingers and see if your child can tell you the total without counting. Too easy? Try more fingers!

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Extending this activity

  • -Play a board game with dice. Dice are a great way to practice subitizing (understanding how many are in a set without counting).

    -Read the book "Bears on Wheels" by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Ask the child to tell you how many bears are on each page without counting them.

Adjust for an older child

Use small items (such as fish crackers) and ask the child if he or she can tell you “how many” are in the group without counting. Start with one on the table, then two, then three. Once the child understands what you are doing, place five on the table, then seven, etc. Do not go above ten.

Adjust for a younger child

Using only one hand, display the numbers one through five.

What is being taught through this activity

  • Foundational Literacy/Math Skills: Number and Operations

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