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Stomp the Letter

Write some new and some familiar letters on the sidewalk with chalk. Call out a letter and challenge your child to stomp on it.

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Extending this activity

  • -Stomp on a letter, and then think of a word that starts with that letter. For example, if you step on a 'B' you can brainstorm words that begin with B.

    -After reading "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" by Bill Martin, Jr., try stomping on both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Adjust for an older child

Stomp on a word instead of a letter. You can write words that are in categories like 'names of friends', 'animals', etc.

Adjust for a younger child

Make the letters big enough where you can stomp on the letters together. You can also try writing all of the alphabet on the ground and stomping on the letters as you sing the ABC song.

What is being taught through this activity

  • Foundational Literacy/Math Skills: Naming Letters

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One thought on “Stomp the Letter

  1. I love this idea I am going to try it inside and outside next week with my pre-k4 class.
    Growing In Graces Crosby Tx

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